Cornwall with it’s dramatic land and coastlines inspire Charlotte Jones to make her unique and individually handmade ceramics.

Charlotte lives and works in a renovated chapel high above Falmouth bay with stunning views from Plymouth to the Lizard.

Work exhibited and represented by galleries across UK and France. Ceramics can be bought from the kiln at Trenoweth Chapel, by appointment and through this website.


The granite mason up the lane from us calls this the “the best view in Cornwall” I have to agree, the sky meeting the sea, changing field patterns, cloud formations and amazing sunrise. The distance seems astonishing it encourages you to open your eyes to look and see. I walk every morning for at least an hour in this rural landscape with my small dog. I love the rhythm of the walks, noting the changes each day brings. It might be a colour, pattern, sound or texture that sparks an idea, shells, pebbles and natural found objects are explored in detail by drawing and painting to inform the pots. Feeling at ease with my surroundings and looking carefully at these details informs my work so design decisions become intuitive.


My own path of making has been crucial to my work. The process of making my pots has evolved slowly over the last 20 years. Colour is added to white stoneware clay, local clays, grog from streams and oxides. Clay is used as a three-dimensional collage material,(reflecting my sketchbooks) abstracted colours, patterns and textures, go all the way through the pot, built as the pot’s structure, no surface decoration. I need to enjoy each process and use tools and equipment familiar
to me. I throw the bases, coil and slab the layers of colour, I love coiling and hand building, its slow and thoughtful after the speed of throwing. Pots are scraped into shape with pinched rims reminding me of the riven slate edges on our chapel home. Pots are burnished when leather hard, the pots are then once high fired.


I have always had passion for drawing and making, keeping sketch books and making collages. After years of travelling, I came with my family on our sailing boat to live in Cornwall in 1989. With my partner Ron Jones, a furniture maker and our three sons we converted derelict Trenoweth Chapel into our home and workshops. 

After graduating from Falmouth School of Art with a Studio Ceramic degree in 2001 the vestry became my workshop, now I work in a purpose designed and built studio in the garden. Since 2001 I have been exhibiting ceramics and until 2012 attended selected craft fairs.

Every year I open my workshop for Cornwall Open Studios and am a active member of Cornwall Craft Association.

I am a visiting lecturer at Falmouth School of Art and have been featured in various publications including:-

– Guardian Weekend Magazine Close to home 18th June 2016,
– Country Living issue 3 Modern Rustic 2015,
– Shirley Conran – My Haven Mail 21st November 2014,
– Philip Hensher – Writers Room Guardian 11th October 2008.
– My work has featured in local press, Inside Cornwall, Cornwall Today, Western Morning Press,
– I have been a featured potter in Colouring Clay Jo Connell published by A&C Black 2007 and Advanced Pottery, Linda Bloomfield published by Hale 2011.